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I am really beginning to fully understand the true power of online media, and I just LOVE blogs.  Blogging as a form of personal output is great, but I also love how the medium has been elevated into the realm of creating [popular] culture.

I stumbled upon this AMAZING blog entitled P.S. I Made This whilst searching for some awesome DIY ideas for my new apartment (I’m a student and I’m brizoke, bitches)!  The creator of this blog, Erica Domesek, is highly regarded DIY artist and decorator and even has a book available for sale with her really fun and cool ideas.  I love that she always goes for the funky, cool, and chic home & fashion accessories to recreate.

I for one cannot wait to make myself a macrame necklace!

Image courtesy of P.S. I Made This

Anyway, I just thought I should share what other blogs I enjoy frequenting that aren’t on my blogroll; I think this will shed some more light on my personality, too!

Maybe next time I’ll post about who I follow on Twitter and why…!!


2 thoughts on “blogs blogs everywhere

  1. That blog sounds graphically different than my own blog titled “P.S. I Made This.”

    But if you ever need to know how to monogram a ball gag, mount a chain apparatus to your ceiling (or wall), or just need a good recipe for lemon squares you should check it out!

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