i <3 jf

No, not JB, but JF – Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy (I think we’re tight enough to refer to each other by our first names ;D) has always been one of my favourite cast members to ever pass through SNL, and I LOVED it when he was the co-anchor of Weekend Update with Tina Fey.  When he was hired as the new host of NBC’s Late Night, I was a little skeptical, because I hadn’t seen him in any type of hosting capacity before, and I couldn’t imagine him living up to Conan’s amazingness.

Jimmy doing an ode to Perez Hilton, his guest on August 10, 2010.

However, I was pleasantly surprised, and in the past year, Jimmy has gained a lot of momentum with his show.  The most unprecedented success of his show is the sheer popularity of his online presence.

Jimmy’s strength is taking contemporary stories from the media and twisting them into hilarious sketches or original music/dance.  Of course, his constant bits such as “Pros and Cons”, “Thank You Notes”, and “Put it in Reverse” are awesome, and to show how in touch he is with the power of online media, “Hashtags” and “Remix the Clips” has become a very popular weekly bit.

Aside from that, his random antics on the show are what make his work online gold (mostly in the form of viral video).  It doesn’t hurt that Jimmy is well known for being an exacted impressionist.  I think it all started with his spoof of MTV’s “The City” with Seventh Floor West.


It’s become such an ongoing hit that the star of the original “The City”, Whitney Port, made an appearance in one of the episodes.


It should be noted that it’s nearly impossible to find clips of “Seventh Floor West” on YouTube due to NBC’s wretched diligence, but the entire two season reality series is available on the dedicated site.

One of my favourites of his sketch series is Robert is Bothered.  They are a series of videos of Jimmy spoofing Robert Pattinson as a disturbed, pale-faced British it-boy who sits up in a tree and complains about things that bother him, always accompanied by a Moleskine and a blowup doll girlfriend that angers him each episode, landing her at the bottom of the tree.

My all-time favourite has to be his complaints about the iPad.

(Sorry about the quality – watch the video on Jimmy’s site for a better version!)

He takes the spoof to another level when he shows the videos as if they were on YouTube, shown here in the episode, Robert is Bothered by Daniel Radcliffe (complete with insulting response by Daniel Radcliffe, and subsequent insult mashup of both teen heartthrobs).  Although he has since abandoned this format (this was the first episode of the series, which got so popular that it sparked the rest of the series to be created), the online presence of his subsequent videos makes it a little meta. Neat-o.

Here is another example of the original star of the spoof source making an appearance in Jimmy’s parodies: Robert Pattinson is Bothered by Robert is Bothered.

Next is his series of Neil Young impersonations, singing songs about random things found in the media all done in a Young manner.

He has done Double Rainbow, Pants on the Ground, and even performed live as Neil Young at a charity concert singing the theme to “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”.

Some of my other favourite Jimmy moments include American Idol Hedgehog Song (ft. Jake Gyllenhaal) (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you want to see Jake dance around in a canary yellow body suit), Balls in Your Mouth (completely safe for work), and the recent Jet Blue Song: the Ballad of Steven Slater.  Actually, any time Jimmy busts out the guitar, you know something awesome is about to happen.

Balls in Your Mouth (again, check Jimmy’s site for original quality)

Jet Blue Song: the Ballad of Steven Slater

So here’s to you, Jimmy, in hopes that you will continue being awesome, and that NBC won’t eff you over for being a nice guy like Conan.

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