fall favourites

I’ve been shopping a lot lately (as you can probably tell from my tweets), and I don’t really have any regrets, because my wardrobe was seriously lacking in some fall/winter staples.  I have always been a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, so I really needed some warmer things.  Alas, I always end up buying accessories, but whatevs.

Deena & Ozzy Lace-Up Tread Bottom Bootie Heel

The tread on sole of the shoe and the stacked heel make for a super comfortable pair of hot fall ankle booties.  I bike in these babies.


Groggy Cargo Jacket

Alright, I hate the latest cargo pants trend, but I do love this new jacket I purchased for myself.  I took off the ratty faux fur around the hood, and it makes it so much more appropriate for life in general.  I love the plentitude of pockets this jacket has, and the fact that it has a super warm removable inner lining, which makes it versatile for both fall/winter/spring.

One of my fave features is the side pocket on the left sleeve:

I keep my metropass in there.  No more digging around in my bag to find my wallet.











I bought this bag on a whim, but I’ve been incredibly happy with it.  Perfect for riding around on my bike, as well as just shopping/living life hands free.  And it has a substantial amount of room inside.  I can fit my water bottle, wallet, Moleskine, umbrella, cell phone, and camera – more than enough crap for a day out.

Oh god.  You can probably tell I’m such a Torontonian just from the colours of my recent purchases.  Montreal has yet to infuse colour in me.  According to this columnist from The Gazette, I must lack “joie de vivre”.


2 thoughts on “fall favourites

  1. Ive been on the hunt for a new winter coat too but I cant seem to decide, a wrap or one of the big stuffy ones? The one I have now wraps but its not as warm as Id like.

    • there are more options than just a wrap style/pea coat v. down coats! have you considered capes? leather/biker jackets? sporty skater style zip ups? if i could, i’d have one of each! i do have a super puffy goose down long winter coat though. it’s a necessity to live in montreal.

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