montreal weekend

Last month, my two friends from the States came for a visit in Montreal and I never got a chance to post the photos we took.

They came to see both Blonde Redhead and Deerhunter in concert, but of course, to visit me too. I took them for poutine at La Banquise, ate lots of nutella with a spoon, and sang karaoke at a gay bar.

There was also a lot of rummaging through vintage record shops and attempts at reading and speaking French.

the first of many late night eats. this "omelette" ended up being a frittata.

at la banquise. we devoured our food before i got chance to take a picture.

at the old port. of COURSE the jays mug is the only one on sale.

The following was taken at La Tulipe for the Deerhunter show. Check out the security guard with the super long hair with a half-shaved head. The caption is a direct quote.

"he's genuinely scary. he looks like predator."

Such a fun weekend. I felt like the most hipster Montrealer. We’ll see if that ever happens again!


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