disco ball dress

I did end up finding a fabulous reason to wear my fabulous new dress – one of my best friends from Toronto was in town for 1 night and wanted to go to the Wunderbar at the W (actually, that was my suggestion, but let’s not worry about the silly details).

I decided that the Wunderbar was fancy enough to don the sequins, so I wore the dress out, finally!

Sequined Dress: $169 @ Bedo

If you’re wondering why I’m standing on my bed for all my full body shots, it’s because I put my big mirror on top of a shelving unit to make my space look taller.  I’m planning on posting about my apartment decor soon, so it’ll all be explained then.

The dress is fully sequined.  Each sequin is black on one side and gold on the other; that’s why there are flecks of gold throughout.  I could even make myself a gold waistband but trying to flip each sequin is too much of a hassle.  You’d think that a fully sequined dress would be really heavy, but it’s quite light; I think that’s something to do with the workmanship behind the dress.  This is also my first time owning and proudly wearing anything with shoulder pads, haha!!

At the bar, I got some stares (good or bad? I have no clue.) and I also got some girls coming up to me asking me where I got my dress.  I find that fully beaded/sequined dresses tend to have this effect.  I have a vintage fully beaded blue dress that I wore to Cannes and I got that question a lot.

Anyway, I made a silly comment that I was wearing a disco ball dress and all the funny Quebecois people at the bar kept calling it a Jupiter dress.  I thought that was so bizarre, because a disco ball is not a planet, at all.  And I have no idea how sparkly Jupiter is.  I bet it’s not too sparkly.  I hear it’s dusty over there.


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