dollarama can transform any space

When I first moved into my basement suite, it was pretty bland and badly decorated.  So what’s the automatic response?


With only a few items and some effort, you can make some great design details (ugh, I hate that I just wrote that) very inexpensively.

Things you need:

  • picture frames in different sizes and textures
  • acrylic paint + paint brushes
  • permanent markers
  • printed graphics (I just looked online)
  • old photos or postcards
  • patience

my "headboard"

These postcards remind me of my various trips to Europe.   Balancing these postcards on the picture frames was a little precarious, but I decided not to attach any adhesives so as to not ruin the postcards.  Anyway, it leaves some freedom to move them around.

these coat hooks have a groove on the top to place photos & items like these above it (it's from ikea, duh)

my desk

So what’s a girl to do with all the glass that you get when you use empty picture frames?  Scribble ’em in with Sharpies!  I found various graphics and prints online, printed them out, and traced them onto the glass with a black Sharpie.  My favourite is the chandelier.  Surprisingly, one of the easiest of all the different graphics I drew out.

I’m also super excited about the fake hydrangeas in the pretty wine bottle.  I swear I didn’t drink that thing on my own.  Maybe just a little.


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