signing off. a sign of?

Do you guys have an automatic email signature?  Do you sign every Facebook comment and/or post with “love, ____ xoxo” (don’t you just HATE that?)?  I don’t have any kind of online signature.  I wouldn’t know what to put that would represent me best.

Sure, you can have the ordinary “Sincerely, ___________” or “Have a fantastic day! ___________”.

I can’t get myself to do that. It’s obvious that you’re sending out the same well-wishes to everyone you email; so much so that it gets disingenuous.  In other words, you ain’t being too sincere.

Today I received an email from someone I’d never gotten email from before, because I had only just recently met him.  I was a little surprised, because his signature included a super poetic and sensitive quote by Charles Dickens.  Not exactly what you would have expected if you met this person face-to-face (not that he’s not sensitive; his profession just seems so stereotypically not so).

I read it out loud to one of my girl friends.  Her response: “He’s gay.  Maybe he’s not.  But it sounds pretty gay.”

I don’t know if he is gay. I sure wish he isn’t because he’s super cute and I may have a little crush on him.

My other friend in the room just said, “Isn’t he from Montreal?  Aren’t most guys from Montreal kind of gay?”  He was implying that Montreal guys are just more artsy/sensitive – a little more “European” than the typical North American dude.  I agreed.  I seriously have the hardest time distinguishing straight and gay guys at any party I go to in Montreal (esp. in the Plateau/Mile End area).

Maybe he has a girlfriend and that’s what has made him embrace his feminine side.  That would suck.

So what does one’s signature say about oneself?  Should I sort myself out and choose one defining sign-off phrase for the rest of email eternity?  I was going to pick “Good night and good luck,” but apparently some old dude already claimed it as his own.


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