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If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that last week, I received a package filled with goodies from Cougar Boots, a Canadian shoe company. They’ve recently completely re-branded themselves into a cool, hip boot brand.  If you think you haven’t heard of them before, you really probably have.  Their old logo is instantly recognizable (and unfortunately, in my head, completely associated with all-too-functional-sans-fashionable winter footwear).

Old Cougar Boots logo

New Cougar Boots logo







The revamp of their brand included a serious upgrade to the style factor of their shoes.

Anyway, when I got the package I was SUPER excited!  All I had to do was wait until it finally rained and/or snowed in Montreal!  That took quite some time.

However, today, it finally rained, and I was ready to boot up.

The model of rainboots I received is called Tibet, and I chose the fire-engine red colour, because I think I have enough black boots.  Besides, who ever said that rainboots were for serious outfits?  Rainboots in general are a lot more fun than your average footwear.

My only concern was that I would look a little bit like a clown wearing these shoes.  Luckily, they aren’t super clown-ish because of the narrow width of the shoe, but the rounded toe does look deceptively clowny.

For example, this is what went down when I asked my friend what he honestly thought of my boots.

“They’re nice,” he replied.

I asked, “You don’t think they make me look like I have clown feet?”

*pause* “Well, now that you mention it…”

I got a small smattering of compliments throughout the day wearing these, but what stood out the most to me was a this comment: “They look good on you.”

I’m not saying that everything looks amazing on me, but what I’m trying to emphasize is that these boots are not for everyone.  The woven “sock” overlap gives it a little bit of an urban hipster look – a style that not everyone is keen to mimic.  Fortunately, this is a look that fits in perfectly amongst the milieu of young people in Montreal.  In short, I would wear these to class, but never to work.

Throw on a pair of leggings, and these are perfect for a rainy fall or spring day.  I would only suggest wearing these with leggings or skinny jeans.  The short length of the boot neck doesn’t allow for a clean tuck of a bootleg cut pant.

I had a lot of mixed feelings about the quality of the boots.

They are incredibly well made with respect to keeping one’s feet dry, warm and comfy throughout the day.  The company’s claim is that these boots are guaranteed waterproof under normal wear for up to 6 months.  In addition, they claim that these boots will keep you warm and comfy up to -15 degrees Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit).

The rubber is super sturdy yet pliable, so it doesn’t hurt when you bend your ankle, and the soles will take a long time to wear down.  Plus, they aren’t heavy (one thing that I HATE about cheap rain boots).  And although it hasn’t dipped down to 0 degrees yet here in Montreal, the boots kept me warm but not overheated, even though I was indoors most of the time (read: no sweaty feet – SCORE).

But when you look closely at the shoes, it becomes obvious that Cougar Boots kinda glazed over the details.


The left boot form has been cut entirely differently from the right.

In the above photo, you can see that the left boot has been cut to have a sharp point on the toe, whereas the right boot looks like it was cut by a right-handed person using a pair of left-hand scissors.  It doesn’t affect the waterproof/warmth performance of the boots, but it does look really sloppy and kinda like the boots fell off the back of a truck.  My sister just asked me whether these boots were made in China, just from this picture.

What you see when you roll up the woven "sock".

Underneath the woven “sock”, the boot neck has obviously been cut by hand.  Rather sloppily at that.  The black markings from the factory remain on the red rubber, and the neck wasn’t cut into a perfectly straight edge.  I should also add that the “sock” on my left boot already has an unraveling thread.

So I’m kind of at an impasse with these boots.  They make a big statement when I wear them, so I have to plan my outfits accordingly which is a little bit fussy for a pair of rubber rainboots.  But at the same time, they’re so comfortable.

Are they worth the $75 CDN?  Maybe.  If you’re ready to commit to hipster-style red rubber boots.

For more awesome styles (that I would have loved to try out) from Cougar and to find out where you can buy a pair, check out their fun hipster-friendly website!


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