About Me


Ever since I immigrated to Canada, my “official” name has always been my Korean one, Jimin.  As a child, I attended multiple schools in different cities (due to my family moving around a lot), and one day, before my parents enrolled me into a new school, they asked if I wanted an English name.  Tired of being confused for a boy and being only 8 years old, I chose Jenny –  an appropriately cute and feminine name (I thought) – not having a clue that it was short for Jennifer or long for Jen.  But I adamantly stuck with it and maintained it as my “preferred” name ever since then.  When others call me Jen or Jennifer, I don’t (can’t) respond because the name I chose was Jenny specifically, so the others just don’t seem like my name, as odd as that sounds!!  So I’m not being snobby when insisting you call me Jenny (it’s nothing special, anyway), it’s just a quirk I’ve developed!


I’m kind of the “black sheep” of my family.  My sister is a brilliant mathematician and engineer, studying towards achieving a doctorate degree and one day becoming a professor.  I broke many Asian stereotypes by studying cinema (no, not production) but I loved it, graduating with a Cinema Studies specialty and Sociology minor at the University of Toronto in May 2009.  I am currently in my first year of studies at Concordia University in Montreal, pursuing a Masters in Film Studies at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema.  I hope to write a thesis next year something along the lines of the appropriation of gossip in popular media in developing cult followings/groups, especially concerning popular musicals and their stars.  So I guess I’m not exactly the black sheep…the grey one, perhaps?


My ultimate goal is to write for a living/be an editor-in-chief of a lifestyle magazine.  I’m a horrible fiction writer, but I love being a journalist and a blogger.  For over a year now, I’ve been with PressPlus1.com, currently just taking it easy and acting as an editor (and contributing and article or review once in a while).  One of my more recent endeavors is blogging for MagMe.com, where I’ve been hired as one of their gossip & lifestyle bloggers.  It’s been a lot of fun and I hope to continue with it in the future!

In 2008,  I interned for film news site (mostly geared toward independent film), IndieWire.com.  I was published daily at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival in the Marché du Film daily magazine, and I also helped the site at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival.  I owe a lot to the guys at indieWIRE, as they taught me a lot about news writing, the film industry, film festivals, and gave me multiple opportunities to be published!

fashion? make up?

These are just two things that I love playing and having fun with in my personal life.  So of course, that seeps into my blogging, and I find it a lot of fun to do research about the latest and greatest in both realms.


I try to be a good/creative YouTuber, but I’ve mostly failed at that (this is why I am not in film production).  But it’s a fun medium to play around with, and I’ve had a lot of interesting exchanges with people through my videos!  I’ve also met a lot of awesome people through YouTube as well.  I don’t update as often as I should (just like this blog =P), but I always have ideas…


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