in the coming week…

i’ll have a post up within the week about why season 6 of ‘so you think you can dance’ was a huge disappointment. i have a lot to say, so it’ll need some time.

told you i was addicted to reality tv.

home in less than 7 days. i can almost feel the family love, food, bed, friends, car, tv. sigh.

reality tv addict

End of the year means the end of many reality tv shows.  I friggin’ looooove competition reality TV (but not the trashy kind w/ couples, temptation, and relationships and all that involved).

Tonight, the 15th season of The Amazing Race came to a close and I was sooo satisfied with the winners!  Meaghan and Cheyne!!  They were consistently the strongest team throughout the season, and clearly had the best teamwork.  Perhaps it’s because they come from sports backgrounds, but they seriously knew that teamwork meant no bickering and hesitating to trust each other, but instead supporting and communicating with one another (the Globetrotter team was very good at that too).

Cheyne grew balls when he was required (the fear of heights thing, the floaty boat thing), and Meaghan was an admirable female athlete throughout (muddy volleyball challenge).  Both were very good wits-wise, and although they fought about Cheyne abandoning Big Easy and Flight Time when the 2 teams were working together, Cheyne definitely made the right choice in taking that taxi.

Honestly, who ever saw that poker challenge comeback coming!  I swear, I thought Meaghan and Cheyne were going to be eliminated when they went to all the wrong hotels, but they kicked butt at counting those chips.  My sister the mathematician says that it wasn’t that impressive, it was just that the other 2 teams were huge dumbasses.  But to me, they were awesome, because numbers ain’t my thing.

Yay, back to school work.


this was just an idea i had last night when i couldn’t fall asleep.

i like the idea of the word “pucker”. often replacing the term “fucker”, it’s a little safer, a little sexier, it’s a little tastier.

so, are you one hot mother pucker?