she’s a triflin’ friend, indeed

During my undergrad years, I loved dressing up for Hallowe’en, because it meant that I could do crazy make-up and hair, and finally use some of the ridiculous clothes I owned.  I even hand-sewed a dress one year, and I still have it!  Last year, I didn’t have any desire to dress up for the holiday, or even go out, since I had just recently recovered from surgery.  This year was a different story.

I’m really tired of naive girls using Hallowe’en as an excuse to get all slutted up, only to end up freezing in line outside of the club/bar/party.  It’s ridiculous.  And I also hate spending ridculous amounts of money on costumes that can’t be reused in some other manner.  Therefore, this year I decided to dress up as something that would require lots of creative shopping/craftmaking and little $$.

The result was, a Golddigger.  I’ve seen girls dress up as golddiggers in the past before, but it looked super butch because they dressed up as construction workers with some gold accents in their accessories.  I was not about to: 1) look butch 2) buy construction paraphernalia.  So I decided to just dress up like a snooty, materialistic bitch with gold shovels incorporated into my costume.

This worked for me because: 1) I could reuse all the gold accessories I purchased. 2) It’s not an obvious costume. 3) I still look like a girl.

Click Image to Enlarge

I got a lot of comments and questions at the party I went to as to whether I was a flapper.  I think the dress and the headband were throwing people off, but the details betray that claim!  The gold flowers on my headband were supposed to represent little gold nuggets, and the shovels were spray painted gold!  And no flapper would wear a blingin’ dollar sign around her neck (actually, one person thought I was dressed up as a Yves St. Laurent model because she thought the $ sign was an “S”).

Here are some more detailed images of my costume.

And here are the tools that I used to create the costume.  The only thing missing is an image of the kitchen scoops in their original state (i.e. not spray painted gold).  They were pretty generic: clear & plastic.

Click to Enlarge

I didn’t take any deliberate “beauty” shots of my makeup, but I did fool around with PhotoBooth right before I left, so here are some of the images – I think you can see my makeup pretty well in these photos.

Happy Hallowe’en, everyone!  Be safe.

david choi likes a sweet lemonade

Being a YouTube vlogger, I really enjoy the power of the site.  It has launched the careers of many talented people, whether they be artists, musicians, actors, comedians, dancers, etc.

One of my favourite YouTubers is David Choi, a singer/songwriter/producer based in California.  He has a huge following on YouTube, but being an unsigned artist means little to no publicity besides his own videos, Twitter, and website.  However, YouTube being the huge influence that it is, David has recently been able to successfully complete a West coast tour, and will soon be embarking on a Northeastern tour, including my hometown, Toronto (his only Canadian date)!!

David explains why you should go see his shows, with the help of some famous YouTube friends.

I’ve been pretty active in trying to get David to come to Toronto, requesting him to come through and encouraging my friends to do the same (to no avail…!)  And then, I moved to Montreal.


But, the stars aligned, and it turns out that he’ll be in Toronto during my reading week (spring break, for you Americans), during which I’ll be back in Toronto to “study”!

Anyway, with all the excitement, I tweeted about the show, and David graciously retweeted my tweet (of course, to publicize his tour, no doubt).  I then looked at the growing guestlist for the event on Facebook, and noticed how it was comprised almost entirely of Asians (no surprise there).  I just thought it was kind of funny, since the venue he’ll be playing at is so…not Asian.

I, of course, tweeted about it, and David sent this response:

Follow me! @jennynotjen


If you’re into sweet lemonade, come join me in Toronto for this rare appearance by David Choi!


Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Location: El Mocambo (464 Spadina Ave.) – Intersection: College & Spadina (The southbound streetcar from Spadina station, or westbound streetcar from College or University station will take you right there).  Look for the huge neon sign with the palm tree.

Doors: 7 PM

Tix: $12 at the door (no presale – so arrive early!)

19+ event – bring your IDs!

From my experience, the ElMo is standing room only, so I’m hoping that the amount of small Asians at the event will prove to be beneficial to me and my short stature, haha!

For more info on his tour, visit his website.

See you there!!

spa, sting, & package!

Last weekend was my friend’s birthday, and he requested a spa day/package as a gift.  So his roommate researched and found an awesome deal at a spa in Yorkville called Summerhill Spa, but it was a couple’s package!  They didn’t want to go together cuz they’re dudes…ya know.  And all of my other girlfriends are way too shy or conservative to strip down in front of another guy (although you’re covered the entire time!!  I guess you see side boob…hehe), so I jumped at the chance and got to go on my first spa trip ever!

The package included a 60 minute hot stone massage, a 30 minute facial, a 20 minute foot massage, and a hot oil hand/foot treatment.

The hot stone massage was a first for me and it was a nice experience, but the facial and the foot massage were AMAZING! I wish I could have been watching the technicians as they gave me my facial, because I would have liked to see exactly what they were doing so that I could try and replicate it at home.  But seriously, it’s really nice to have someone else scrub your nose for you (hehe!) My skin was GLOWING after the treatment!  I didn’t have my camera with me, but my face was sooo happy ^^  I can’t wait to treat myself to another facial one day!

Enough gloating…

I also got an opportunity to go to a benefit concert last week, featuring the Canadian Tenors, Sheryl Crow, Sting, hosted by Chris Noth (Mr. Big from “Sex and the City”!) at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.  It’s an annual charity show called “One Night Live”, benefitting the Women & Babies program at Sunnybrook Hospital.  It’s one of the top neonatal programs in the world, and the concert benefits their efforts in building proper facilities to match its reputation.

I attended the show as media, so I was able to go to the top rafters in the Media Gondola, and then I was moved down to the floor, where I had pretty amazing seats!  Too bad Sting was not too keen on allowing media to stay for more than 3 of his songs…  Sheryl Crow was amazing though!  Read my report from the evening here.

The Canadian Tenors (the Canadian version of Il Divo)

The Canadian Tenors (the Canadian version of Il Divo)

Sheryl Crow rocking it out on the bass.

Sheryl Crow rocking it out on the bass.

Sting in all his old-age glory.

Sting in all his old-age glory.

Back to makeup…

Today I received my purchase from Tammy (aka Not a Rich Girl) in the mail =D I bought her MAC 165 brush – my first MAC face brush.  It’s an LE brush from the BBR collection, so I’m glad I found it on her blog sale. [If you follow me on Twitter, you might know that I recently got my first MAC brush…from my sister’s old stash of stuff!  It’s a MAC 213, and she said she vaguely remembers buying it when she was in high school, but she doesn’t wear much makeup anymore, so she gave it to me.  Still in perfect condition!]  Anyway, Tammy was very sweet and also sent me a mineral eyeshadow sample and Japanese jellies.

MAC 165, Glamour Doll Eyeshadow in "Pinky Swear", Kasugai Strawberry Gummies

MAC 165, Brush Guard, Glamour Doll Eyeshadow in "Pinky Swear", Kasugai Strawberry Gummies

Hopefully I’ll be pressing this shadow soon!

camera stylo v.9

caméra stylo (cah-may-rah stee-low):

  • development by Astruc…and, more prominently, of André Bazin, whose thought molded an entire generation of filmmakers, critics, and scholars. In 1948 Astruc formulated the concept of the caméra-stylo (“camera-pen”), in which film was regarded as a form of audiovisual language and the filmmaker, therefore, as a kind of writer in light…  (from Encyclopedia Britannica)

Caméra Stylo is the annual Cinema Studies Undergraduate Journal that publishes a select amount of student essays in order to encourage cinematic discourse.  This year’s edition had five essays, one being mine!  I was very very honoured to be published in it, because in the academic world, becoming published in a journal (or otherwise) is a very big deal.  

If you would like to read my essay, click here for an online copy. My essay starts on page 58/59.

I don't understand the cover art either.

I don't understand the cover art either.

Yes, that's Zac & Vanessa

Yes, that's Zac & Vanessa







 Last night was the launch party for the new edition, so I decided to try out my new Stila Smudgepot in black to see how well it fares over a night of (free!) drinks and dancing.


the "before" shot

The "before" shot.

pics taken @ 8 pm








I used the smudgepot on my waterline as well. It didn’t fare as well as my upper eyeline, but that’s expected. I was impressed overall!

the aftermath.  pretty impressed!

the aftermath. pretty impressed! picture taken @ 3:30 am

Yeah…the flash is definitely not flattering.  Oh well!

I used the Body Shop’s Matte It Face & Lips as a primer all over my face, and it did work very well.  More so than the Perfekt Skin Perfection Gel. I was too “preoccupied” to blot the entire night, so let’s chalk up the shininess to an overload of Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick…hehe.  

I’m wearing the new Revlon Matte lipstick in Nude Attitude.  I love this colour when paired with a nude lipliner and sheer gloss on top.  Tones down the “concealer”-ish look, and makes it more pink.

Ok, enough cam whoring.

I leave you with the 2 pictures I took that night with friends.

my friend on the left is not impressed with the crazy flash. the peace signs are inherent whenever a camera is set in front of me.

My friend on the left is not impressed with the crazy flash. The peace signs are inherent whenever a camera is set in front of me. Also, random old dude in the back...sweet!

This time, I am not impressed with the flash.  What is up with my hair?

This time, I am not impressed with the flash. What is up with my hair? Check my friend's skinny tie and cardigan - HIPSTER.

walk the walk

Today was the inductee ceremony for Canada’s Walk of Fame, and I got a media pass to interview the stars on the red carpet! It was super fun, tiring, exciting, and a great experience overall. I think I can see myself doing this as a day job…! I’m in the process of writing the article now, and I’ll have pics up when my photographer sends them over.

To learn more about the inductees, go to

One of them is Canadian supermodel Daria Werbowy (Remember those hot H&M ads you saw all over your town this summer? That was her in the bikini.), and damn is she ever thin in real life! Gorgeous, as well. And Jeanne Beker is such a bright and enthusiastic person. It was such a delight (and honour!) to talk to her.

On Monday, I get to go see “Gigantic” starring Paul Dano and Zooey Deschanel for TIFF, and then interview Dano and the director Matt Aselton on Tuesday. I hope I don’t die when I see Paul…I find him strangely dreamy. Similar to how I feel about Bill Hader, but less of the funny, more of the tortured soul (I looooved him in Little Miss Sunshine – actually, I would probably do him if he were that character in real life, haha….)

The link for the Walk of Fame article will be updated soon.

UPDATE: The article is up! Click here.

does roger really drink from that cup?

I happened upon a pair of tickets to the first qualifying matches for the Toronto Roger’s Cup yesterday (thanks David!) and I moseyed on along to go watch it with my sister. It was so fun! I had no idea who the players were, but they were formidable opponents to each other. I believe the 2 matches I watched were Johansson v. Bester (Johansson FTW) and Young v. Pospisil (Young FTW). Pospisil’s a Canadian, so I was rooting for him, but he just was not up to par to the American!  Bester’s Canadian as well – which explains all the cheering and hollering for him while he was playing, but the Swiss won out in that match also.  Oh well.

Tennis is a very civilized sport; I definitely enjoyed watching it.

I paid $3 for a popsicle and got a sweet tan.