you gave it your all, but you’re not the girl we’re taking home, robyn.

In the midst of her tour, Robyn developed laryngitis.  In short, the concert I travelled from Montreal to attend was cancelled a few hours before it was slated to begin.

Cue tears.

Well, not really.  But I was incredibly disappointed, no doubt.  So I instead spent the evening with red wine, good friends, and Brazilian food (OMG I am so in love with this cuisine!)  Not a bad night.

Robyn did perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon the night before her Toronto show, so that’ll have to do until her concert is rescheduled.  Maybe it’ll be after Body Talk is released, which might actually make for a better show.

It breaks my heart when Jimmy says, “Catch Robyn live on Friday in Toronto!” after her performance.  Le sigh.


music maturity

When I was in “middle school” or “junior high” as you Americans would call it, I was so adamant on not being sucked into the bubble gum pop trend, and would be quite stubborn about my love for alternative rock, even though my knowledge of alt rock didn’t really go beyond Our Lady Peace.

Every self-respecting Canadian should own this album.

Don’t get me wrong; I really did love OLP back in the day, and I still love the name Raine, and I love that he and Chantal Kreviazuk are a super Canadian rocker couple with adorable children.  But I don’t cling onto my need to be “different” as much as I used to.  I suppose I thought it made me seem more mature than my friends who were hitting up the convenience stores every lunch hour to get the latest Spice Girls stickers.

Now, I can’t help but embrace the fact that I do love a good dance-pop song.  I think it all started with the fact that I began to drive nearly every day.  Driving is a lot more fun when listening to an upbeat song.  And then, the Spice Girls announced the reunion tour.  I totally jumped on that bandwagon.  I can proudly say that I attended the final concert that the Spice Girls ever performed together (their tour ended in Toronto).

Spice Girls at the ACC; their finale

And then, Britney went on tour for “Circus”, and my friend gave me tickets for Christmas.

brit brit at the ACC

So it all kept snowballing until I began to embrace my love for mainstream music.

I think as I’ve become more mature (for realz this time; not pretentious mature like Alex from Modern Family), I’ve come to accept that I like singing along badly in the car, or wanting to pump my fist at the club and mouth the words drunkenly to my friends (oh yeah, REAL mature).  My point is, I can still love my indie bands (holla, Copeland!) but embrace my silly dancey side (recent new love: Far East Movement).

one of my favourite albums, ever

So all that being said, I can’t wait to see Robyn in concert.   Her music and image has changed so much since the late 90s/early 2000s, but her position in the music industry still allows me to like her and be cool amongst my hipster friends (and all my uber trendy students).  Gotta love the proletarian claim to cool-dom.

she's too cool for you.

I’ve got my comfy Deena & Ozzy ankle booties to dance all night in. SO EXCITED!